Take Off Your Shirt If You Feel So Inclined! (LAX)

We’ve been using the Bowls construction as an advantage to create unique workouts and explore the bowl perimeter. Although todays workout was the shortest to date it was probably the sweatiest I have seen our tribe. This morning we might have just solved the solution to the draught with the amount of water accumulated on the Hollywood Bowl parking lot. Next time we’ll have to strap on funnels to every person and collect that sweat. You can’t finish the workout until you reach a liter of sweat which we then will donate to the Los Angeles aqueduct.


It may have been the amount of running down Cahuenga Blvd or the ridiculous amount of push up high fives. My bet is probably the Sebastians we performed to cap off our workout. All I know is that you fucking proved yourself that You are capable. You let your doubts go and fucking turned up the madness. After looking through all the photos I couldn’t help but smile. There was literally a smile on everyone’s face. You’re all amazing people who are capable of concuring great things. Don’t just wish for them or want those things you desire. Do. Make it happen. Only you have the power to take action to change your life or grasp what you might need. I believe in you. We believe in you. Now you believe in you.



FRIDAY– SUNRISE 6K at Santa Monica Pier. This is our opportunity to show that we really are the fastest tribe and also an opportunity to race one another and pump out a 6k before work.


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