Take Me to the River (MSP)

There’s an old Minneapolitan adage: “Make hay while the sun shines,” or “If it’s 60 degrees at 6 in the morning, get your ass down to the river and enjoy the sunrise.”  We all heeded the call this morning, gathering in the dark by Ye Olde Mille, giving hugs, butting heads, and getting in a bounce.  Lots of new faces, nothing but gratitude for the weather, a warm misty rain and the day just beginning.  Perfect.

Our fearless leader Ben took us north today, down to the banks of the mighty Mississippi across from Nicollett Island.  We’re too Midwestern to hope that this warm weather will last, so we practiced for the coming winter months, doing our time-honored Yeti Run as we headed north.  We Yetied along, reminding early morning runners and commuters that the best way to run is en masse, sprinting from the back to the front screaming.  Come winter, we will definitely be in proper Yeti shape.

The Mississippi is the life-blood of this city, and today’s workout paid homage.  It’s simple: anoint yourself with the clean, totally safe water of the river, climb/run/power jump up the cement walls and bank to the path, and sprint your way up to the Hennepin bridge to take in the rising sun.  Everyone got their daily dose of push-ups today on the bridge, partnering up for high-five push-ups (the best kind) and burpees, and doing dips and box jumps on their way out of the river.  Each successive run brought more sun, more smiles, more sweat, and more burpees.



Our Postivity Award this week goes to Brad, for being the most fluorescent of us all, in shirt and in attitude.  He also gets high-five MVP.


The day ended with our weekly vision test.  Got to keep it healthy, folks.  Next week can’t come soon enough: we’ll be checking blood pressure.



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