“Take me to the river” aka the Bridgewater workout

Darkness and almost freezing temperatures were upon us this morning here in Minneapolis, but that didn’t stop a record number of amazing human beings from showing up this morning to move. We met at the usual spot up on the steps behind the Guthrie Theater and made a few announcements, then took it upstream to the Federal Reserve Park just past the Hennepin Ave bridge.  Tribe members chatted over their favorite types of meat on the jog over to the workout site; everyone was hungry for breakfast, it sounded like, but their awesome performance today showed they were hungry for a kickass workout too.  The main workout consisted of starting down by the river bank, touching the water, then climbing the cement wall (or stairs) and doing box jumps, dips, and burpees then taking off downstream to climb the stairs to the top of the Hennepin Ave bridge. This was completed as a circuit with 30 minutes on the clock. Each set of box jumps, dips, and burpees increasing by a count of 2 upon completion of the circuit.  We had some awesome visitors from Miami that joined in the fun and didn’t even complain about the near freezing temperatures!

Kelly "Lumberjack" Donahue can hug one whole NP tribe all at once.
Kelly “Lumberjack” Donahue can hug one whole NP tribe all at once.

The new-found lumberjack award left the back of Matt “Pickles” Clasen and found a new home with Kelly Donahue.  The positivity award was passed on this week from ultra-positive tribe member Carly Danek to someone who never stops smiling: Alex Hessefort (Stuuu).


New Orleans, we did this workout for you, in 3 days you’ll be touching the same water that now holds the sweat from the hard working November Project Minneapolis tribe! Way to go Minneapolis, way to break an attendance record despite the plunging temperatures! #weatherproof


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