Take it with you (SEA)

PR Day.  An opportunity to push yourself.  An opportunity to set the bar the highest you’ve ever set it.  An opportunity to take everything you’ve worked for and apply it to one workout.  This morning was nothing short of amazing.  More than 100 smiling faces showed up to a cold, dark, wet Gas Works Park ready to push themselves, raise the bar, and apply all their hard work to one fierce workout.  The route was hard and the tribe ran harder.  It was inspiring to see so many individuals dig a little deeper and kick a little harder to run a little faster.

Following today’s workout, whether you were the leader of the pack or brought up the rear, every person felt empowered by what they had accomplished.  And to think, it was all before the sun came up.  Don’t leave your accomplishments at the workouts.  Take them with you.  Apply the fierceness you all bring to November Project every Wednesday to your day-to-day routine and elevate your life the way you have your well-being and sense of community through November Project.

In the words of the godfather, Brogan Graham, “we’re not sprinkling magic dust on anything, but we are getting people in motion.”  Start your Wednesdays in motion and use that momentum throughout every aspect of your life.  Be it professionally, socially, personally, or whatever else-ally, stay in motion and continue moving forward.  Onward.  Upward.  Boom.


Mark your calendars, folks.  November 8, 2015 will be a night to remember.  #BetterThanBedtime will commence at 6:00pm at an undisclosed location and together, we’ll run to an (yep, you guessed it) undisclosed location.  Check this out for more information and block off those motherfuc*ing calendars: https://november-project.com/better-than-bedtime-2015-sunday-11815/

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