Take a Lap (LAX)

Back in the good old days of travel soccer (hi I’m Steve I’m from Connecticut, can you tell?) I used to get a little fired up if things weren’t going my way, but all of the noise was inside of my head. Mistakes would compound and affect my future play, and I’d let it pile up. I was told to “take a lap” a whole lot during practice at times of frustration.


There was inherent strategy to telling an overwhelmed brain to leave the situation for a moment. Take a lap. Breathe it out. Get your head right, get back into the game. And it worked every time.


Today you took laps, stopped at some cards, and when your mind started creeping in you let go and took a lap. Let it all go and came back fresh and ready to attack what was next. Shouts to Stephen for his last deck of cards as a *single man*.


Or you just ran like a mother fucker the whole time. Whatever fit your fancy, really.


Remember that time you gave more than you thought you had left today. Carry that success through your day.

Do great, LA.



  • Bring 1 shirt to get tagged
  • Do your homework and have that person bring a shirt as well

NP MIXER – 8 pm Wed 9/28 @ The Parlor

  • There’s karaoke, Anthony loves the pace. What else do you need to know?
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