We Missed You Skin ‘N Bones

Although not a very smart approach, I tend to wear my running shoes wayyyy past their lifespan. My mizuno’s have three years worth of wear on their soles, and motivated by the promotion going on at Philly Runner, I decided it was time to head over there and get myself a new pair.

I biked downtown after work on Thursday to pick up a pair of kicks and ended up running into a few fellow tribesmembers at the store. Vinny, Scioli, Gene, Clare, and Breandan were all there. What a treat! And a great opportunity to lock down some verbals for our newly designed PR day. Vinny was in. Gene was in. Clare was in. Scioli kinda just ran his hands through his hair and mumbled something. Breandan aka “B” aka “Skin ’N Bones” was immediately in. read more