Julia Dol(Out)sky — We MISSED you

Disclaimer: A #verbal is serious stuff at November Project. It’s a pact with another person(s) to #justshowup at a workout. Learn more about the verbal HERE. If you break a verbal, you get this — a we missed you thanks to your responsible friends.

Sunday, Julia didn’t just give a commitment to attend Monday’s April 1 workout — she messaged the ENTIRE CoHi running pool with an affirmative. FYI, Monday’s workouts are, like, in the heart of CoHi. So there was that, too; not the longest run-to commute! Our dude Welles missed the hell out of Julia, as did the rest of us. Thank you, Welles, for informing us of the broken verbal. Her message even got a THUMBS UP! Pity the poor person whose thumbs up led to this! read more

Jeff, ya Ott(a) know better — We Missed You Monday!

We weren’t planning on a TWO-BLOG WEEK, but then Steve approached us after Monday’s glorious shovel workout with some news — good friend, super fast guy, and just nice dude Jeff Ott had broken a verbal. What?? Life intervened the last two days and it was nice to see Jeff back at Lincoln this morning, but lest we forget to post this because a verbal is sacred. And because we REALLY missed you, Jeff. read more

Jas-on more like Jas-GONE (DC)

Uh-oh. It’s 2019 and people are still breaking verbals. In case there’s any confusion, when you tell someone, and that “someone” happens to be Steve Christensen, that you’re going to be at November Project, you best make sure to be at November Project.

Jason, Jason, Jason. What happened, dude?! We understand, people are still trying to get into the groove of the new year, and it can be hard. But in case you haven’t heard, there’s a really good place where all your friends go for accountability (see: NPDC M/W/F workouts). read more

Rebecca, Your Bridge Misses You

About a year and a half ago, we abandoned the Randall’s Island Footbridge as a repeating workout location. There are reasons, and it has brought on a lot of positives to this group, but that is not what this is about.

Rebecca LOVED the bridge, I hear about it all the time from her, “Rob, I miss the bridge. Can we bring back bridge day?” “Why don’t we do the bridge anymore?” In true Let Them Eat Cake form, we hosted a workout at the Randall’s Island Footbridge.
read more

Crusty Crespo, where art thou? (DCA)

Folks, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: NP is all about accountability. To your friends, to the group at large, to yourself. Sadly, Dave “Well Dressed (but clearly not well-awake)” Crespo did not get that message this AM, letting down his loyal friends Rach and Joe and hundreds of others who enjoyed a glorious workout at Dupont Circle less than a mile from his residence. We’ll let Rach and Joe take it from here… read more

Alli Gone! We Missed you!


Folks, as you know, accountability is a big part of what makes November Project what it is — a gosh darn glorious community of amazing people. You tell your friend you’re going. You make a pact. That’s how this whole movement started. So when you drop a #Verbal, it means something! Kudos to Sarah Waz for calling out her absent friend this morning. Waz, you can take it from here…

NP Summit 2018 happens to be in in my dear friend, cheese-loving Miss Alli Goff’s hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin (have ya signed up??). As we prepare to run the marathon relay, it’s only natural that we would want to be each other’s accountabilibuddies at NPDC, lest we lose our legs and tumble down the mountain. Am I right?


After text message promises Tuesday night, I pried my tired body outta bed this morning to bike to the Lincoln Memorial, showing up naturally late to the bounce (sorry, Dazzo!). But … my Summit partner’s strawberry blonde hair was nowhere to be seen. I did a double-take. There were A LOT of people. Maybe she was behind Tall Dan? Nope. … The workout continued with a few less giggles and hips-in hugs than expected – a sad way to start humpday.

And I couldn’t stop wondering, as the sun rose brilliantly beyond the Washongton Monument, what were you doing instead, Miss Goff? Were you…

Dressed as a hotdog somewhere? You should know that NP is inclusive and LOVES dogs!

Looking for Cherry Blossoms? C’mon, Alli, you’re no tourist! You know you were four months late to that Instagram Party!

Kissing toads? Couldn’t you have settled for the Reflecting Pond’s ducks just this one morning??

Alli, the party was lacking without you present. I’m not mad — OK, I’m kinda mad. But really just disappointed. We missed you!!

Too Rusty to back up that #Verbal? We Missed You, Kate!

Oh, Kate. We know that advice from doctors can’t keep you away from November Project. Broken wrist with advice to not sweat? You’re spotted running stairs and planking in a cast … TWO DAYS LATER. Weird pelvic injury? Spotted running hills the following week.

Which brings me to THIS: You know where you weren’t spotted this morning!? Standing at Philz in AdMo (or is it Adams Morgan?) at 6:00 am.

We know you have a tendency to meet runpool meetups, so we weren’t that surprised to not see you, but we didn’t see you on Connecticut Ave. either. Or at UDC. Or even at Bread Furst. Unless you were an invisible fairy.

Possible, but not likely.

Did the doctor tell you to go to NP so you decided not to? Did you not want to eat all the choco croissants for Rachel (who, by the way, skipped because of “rain.” Hey, Storey, what rain? I didn’t feel a drop!). We didn’t think you gave up chocolate for lent.

What were you doing last night, Kate? Playing frisbee on a recently healed wrist? Celebrating your victory at the Exchange? Honing those flip cup skills?

We hear you played some footy and spent too much on Lorde tickets. Were they worth sleeping through your alarm?

Are you sure you weren’t too busy drinking kambucha and enjoying that single lady life?

Or reverting back to your old carnivore ways?

We thought you were a treehugger Kate, or at least someone that would hold true to their verbal.

But we guess you were just too cool for school, or commitments.

Whatever the reason, we missed you Kate!

We Missed You, NASA Kyle (DCA)

Kyle, Kyle, KYLE!

I can’t put into words how shocked I was this morning. Not by the 5-degree-feeling chill. Not by the cosmic rays that rocked us at the Lincoln Memorial. But by your absence, and the gaping hole in the solar system created by your NASA sweatshirt not present at an NP Wednesday. The Sweatshirt Streak? It’s dead. I feel like an asteroid just rocked us all.

Remember last night? Sitting together, eating latkes, twirling dreidels and finally you verbaling for NP this morning? Well, it happened. And then this morning happened. As I ran the stairs with a mass of beautiful humans, I gazed into the NP galaxy for that all-too-familiar sweatshirt and shook my head wondering, Had an occultation occurred?


Were you too bruised from a meteor to come work out with your friends (Chris, in particular, was devastated you missed)? I thought that shower wasn’t until tonight. Nice try!

Did you decide to fly into the galaxy instead, leaving us all behind? If so, that’s just SAD. A farewell would’ve been nice.

Or did you decide to stay on this planet with a leisurely bicycle orbit around Hains Point?

DUDE, you missed the Cherry Blossoms. You’re light years behind that tourist train.

Kyle, it’s not just about the sweatshirt, but you. Whether it’s 80 degrees, 0 degrees, or taking place in a climate-controlled, anti-gravity spaceship, we want you at every workout. We’re not mad, man, just cosmically disappointed. See you Friday?

Every (Kerry) Rose Has It’s Thorn (DCA)


TBH I was on the fence about going to NP. I needed to get a long run in, and it would have been so easy to knock it out on my usual route. But then I saw this text from you and I thought WOWOWOW what a wonderful opportunity to run with my dear friends Kerry and Zoë, I guess I’ll throw NP in the middle of my run. read more


Although Thursday was was a long, tiring day at the office – I was excited to get home and throw on my running gear and take advantage of the beautiful weather that graced itself upon our city. My plan was to run down to Philly Runner on Sansom street and meet a group of friends there to run down to the SRT. We all convened around 6:15PM and started our jaunt toward the Schuylkill River. Running west toward the trail, I decided to peel away from the group for a few minutes and stop in to see some friends at Lulu. It was HOT on Thursday evening, and I, as per usual was drenched in sweat, but that didn’t deter Aaron Abram Van Dolson when I strolled into the store and was met with a big hug. We chatted for a minute or so, and before I had to run out to catch up with the group I had left earlier I asked Aaron if I’d see him in the morning for NP at Lemon Hill. “I’ll be there” he replied. To which I responded “Great! It’s PR day too so get ready to go fast” and he answered with a “Sounds good! Ill see you there.” read more