Turty Tree! (Irish for 33)

That. Just. Happened.

33 people showed up to the 33rd NP Tribe’s 33rd free workout. AND 33 happens to be Dave Camous’s favorite number.

We celebrated …by hugging, running, planking and with wheel-barrel push-ups of course!!!

Full muscle fiber workout designed by mastermind co-leader Travis: everybody side-shuffle to dock #1 >> v-tuck core exercise x10 >> side-shuff back >> run to dock #2 for 1-minute (or however long) plank (Cc: NP_SEA) >> sprint/race someone up the ramp >> find a partner, grab their ankles and squat x10 while they do 10 push-ups; there you have a wheel barrel push up (pictured above) or opt for 10 fuck-yeah push-ups >> repeat! read more