A Guest Blog – Farewell…For now.

A Guest Blog by Phylicia Cannon:

Phylicia the PH-IERCE

My time at November Project has been like no other. All the way back to July 19th 2017 was my first workout at November Project Brooklyn. It was PR Day. I remember not talking to anyone but 1 person. I remember my first bounce… I vividly remember being totally mortified by these crazy people who are surprisingly social at 6:28. I went through the whole workout without saying more than 10 words to each person who attempted speaking to me. But yet when I left that day, I knew I wanted to go back. read more

Dallas’ New Groove

Today is Thursday and Thursday’s are for the W Hotel, or are they?

PR Thursday morning attendance

You’ve heard it from us a hundred times but here it is officially: Monday yes Monday is the new day. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be our new official schedule. Monday: Destination Deck: We will Run, Bike, Ride to the destination for a HIIT style workout within the downtown Dallas area. The main idea is to run or sweat on your way to the destination and already be warm and jump right into the workout. This is also going to require a little research Sunday night to ensure you get to the right place at the right time. Workout location will be announced Friday at hills or Sunday on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

Every First Monday of the month will be dedicated to the W Hotel since we love them so so so much. Do you remember the Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge? Well it’ scoring back and it’ll be on the Destination Deck Day!!! 6:15am

Runners Sprint up “the hill” at the opera house

Wednesday: Winspear Opera House for now. We have big hopes and dreams of the Cotton Bowl and if this actually kicks off, Wednesday will now belong to the Cotton Bowl. Winspear Opera House will now be a Monday thing if Fair Park gives us weekly access to the stadium. 6:15am. To all you unusual 9-5ers this schedule usually works out perfect right, but what about the rest of the world who has to be at work prior to 9, 8, 7am? Well we feel that we’re going to request the gates to the Cotton Bowl to be open by 5:30am. What does this mean for y’all early birds? This means that once the gates open you rise and grind before the 6:15am crew even shows up! (That’s a 45 minute workout before the of the tribe gets to the Cotton Bowl gates for 6:15 workout – hopes and dreams can become reality)

These folks bust their ass every day they show up!

Friday: 1199 Kessler Parkway, Dallas, TX: Hills For Breakfast. Some people have said Circa Cotton Bowl workout this is the hardest workout of their week and we’re happy to have that title. Hill repeats shouldn’t be easy, they should be hard, they should be a rise and grind feeling, but you should also feel welcome, warm, and able. We’re happy to have found our Friday morning home. Kessler park is the small grassy area we park next to. Please park on the park side of the street. Let’s remember that the area we run is not the park, but the neighborhood.

News: Dallas city meeting August 3rd. Can you make it? If not, can you write a letter?

Monday City Hall Park for our first destination deck workout 6:15am.

The Crate Escape Run: Saturday August 5th. All are welcome and no one gets left behind. Meeting spot is The Traveling Man Deep Ellum.