It was no STRUGgle today.

I absolutely love the Olympics – and I have for as long as I can remember. I’ve spent many a summer absolutely glued to the television set enamored by the blood, sweat, and tears laid out by the incredible athletes on screen. I live for the stories of human strength, passion, courage, and determination. Stories like that of our girl Kerri Strug – one of the hopeful namesakes for our beloved saguaro. You would had to have been living under a rock in 1996 (or super young like a lot of our tribe members) to not remember the absolutely stunning display of patriotism and heart shown by Ms. Strug as the gold medal was dependent on her final vault performance. ALL eyes were  glued to the television set that night as Kerri ran down that launchpad thingy in agony with a bum ankle before sticking the landing for one of the greatest moments in Olympic History. read more