Major Leagues (ORL)

It’s World Series week. November Project Orlando has one co-leader who was born a Red Sox fan, and the other is a recent transplant to the City Beautiful from the City of Angels. Clearly, we were having a baseball team challenge as this weeks workout.

We led off with a special rendition of ‘Take me out to the Ballgame’ and promptly divided into two teams. The Dodgers and The Red Sox first got their October Homework out of the way by knocking 74 jumping jack-o-lanterns straight out of the park! Then they headed full speed to first base where they executed 10 postseason partner pushups. There was no slowing down at second when 20 bench jumps were cleared. As they rounded third, they completed 30 starting ab rotations. To earn that run for their team, they ran a full lap. Hitting for they cycle got each team member a point. read more