We Rise

A molten diablo cackles from the sky

Trying to bake us, sweat overtakes us

Yet we bounce on high, won’t be denied

It’s the reason we wake up

In the morning we rise

Wisconsin Notes

  • “We Rise” aka “Phoenix Rising” won our inaugural T-shirt design contest. Congratulations Amanda! Collect your prize the next time you #justshowup.
  • You proved that it doesn’t take a partner to crush a workout. Great job, great energy.
  • Jackie went to the dentist today, which sadly did not end like that “David After Dentist” video based on the coherence of her texts afterward.
  • Kacie promises to bring the Crushin’ It award next week

In honor of this morning’s Final Countdown workout, let me count down my favorite things from today:

10. Two Time NP Gold Medalist Chuck asking if I could tag a few shirts, then bringing a dozen or so, effectively relieving me from photog duties. But thanks for the spray paint! read more