Burpees in Hand

Courtesy worldrps.com.
Courtesy worldrps.com.

Wisconsin Notes

  • Social! Meet us Friday, October 21, at 7pm at Herberger Park for a short dash and social. The theme is Halloween, so dress up (in something you can run in)!
  • It is that time of year where the rest of the northern hemisphere begins layering to fend off the cold. To that end, we will be placing an order for buffs (What’s a buff? This is a buff) for the tribe, but we need a head count. Price is $5 each. Drop us a #bufferbal if you want one.

Rock-paper-scissors (aka roshambo, jan-ken, zhot, among others) is, on the surface, a simple game. Rock crushes scissors, scissors cuts beats paper, paper covers rock. But a critical analysis finds much more nuance than can be deciphered at first glance. Take the lead image, a seemingly docile photo portraying three individuals posing with the three different throws. This may lead one to believe in the equality between the throws, but a deeper look uncovers slight differences between them. For example, scissors is held by a man who appears to be from the working class, reinforcing the notion that scissors represent a tool, a controlled-yet-aggressive outlet to be channeled into something constructive. Paper, on the other hand, is held by one in a white shirt, suggesting it as an intellectual move, quiet and yet subtly powerful at the same time. Finally, the rock is held high in triumph by a man in military dress. This suggests victory by blunt force, an aggressive contrast to what it considers are inferior opponents, an impression reinforced by the fact that the fist is closest to the “World RPS Society” title. read more