Weird Is the New Black

What happened today. Question mark. Exclamation point. I haven’t had that much fun in at least a week.

Wisconsin Notes

  • Have you checked out November Projects Chicago and Serbia? Do it. Now. I’ll wait.
  • (waiting) PS – Liza Castillo delivered our cards to the Chicago tribe. They love us for it.
  • (waiting)
  • Cool. Now, have you taken our survey? It’s literally ONE question. Go do it now.
  • (waiting)
  • Mush pot… mush pot… mushy, mushy, mushhhhhh pot…

I arrived at the stairs amped as always, ready to put my head through a butte. And I was met by Lila, who you, Dear Reader, may remember as Lil’ Miss Crushin’ It. She complained that she was cold; it was 80° and cloudy, which is 26° and sunny when converted to Canadian (#PHXproblems, amirite?). This was followed by easily one of my favorite bounces of all time, a rather quaint rendition of, “Mush Pot.” The giggles and whispers of, “Oh my God this guy is so weird…” tell me you were intrigued, to say the least. It continued with the Sisyphean task of carrying not one but two tires up the stairs and back again. read more