Sophie, Jeff, Tommy, Sherm, and Jen – WE MISSED YOU

I was on a mission last night.

There was a pop-up “picnic” of sorts going on in the city that a few thousand people were attending at Franklin Square, right near the Ben Franklin Bridge.

A decent amount of tribesmembers were in attendance and I made an effort to get as many verbals as possible, with SnapChat being my documentation device. I didn’t really have to do any convincing; those that committed and dropped a verbal did so without hesitation. And you know what? That’s probably what stung the most. The eye contact. The unwavering vocal commitment to just show up. And then… disappointment. Heck, I was there! I was in the trenches with you all. So that can’t be used as an excuse. Sure, I had to duck out a little early, but I also can’t just roll up to the workouts at 6:25AM. read more