Sophie, Jeff, Tommy, Sherm, and Jen – WE MISSED YOU

I was on a mission last night.

There was a pop-up “picnic” of sorts going on in the city that a few thousand people were attending at Franklin Square, right near the Ben Franklin Bridge.

A decent amount of tribesmembers were in attendance and I made an effort to get as many verbals as possible, with SnapChat being my documentation device. I didn’t really have to do any convincing; those that committed and dropped a verbal did so without hesitation. And you know what? That’s probably what stung the most. The eye contact. The unwavering vocal commitment to just show up. And then… disappointment. Heck, I was there! I was in the trenches with you all. So that can’t be used as an excuse. Sure, I had to duck out a little early, but I also can’t just roll up to the workouts at 6:25AM. read more

We Missed You Coda

On Friday we ALMOST had the largest gathering of gingers in Philadelphia at a single workout. I say ALMOST because long time ginger tribe member,  Liz Coda, was nowhere to be found. How can a redhead miss a St. Patricks Day event?!? Don’t they live for this day and love wearing green?!?


This past Thursday was your Birthday, we even celebrated it on Wednesday with singing, some intense pointing and even nose touching/pressing. Was it too much? Is that why you didn’t return to our next workout? Maybe it was because you stayed up too late on Thursday night crushing shirley temples at Buffalo Billiards. I texted you saying Happy birthday and you responded with a “Thanks! See you tomorrow morning”, SO I set my alarm and went right to bed, excited to see you bright and early. read more