The Nightman Cometh

And just like that, darkness enveloped our workout in its cold embrace, conceding to a brilliant Sonoran sunrise only after the group photo.

Wisconsin Notes

  • See you at Mofo (36th St and Lincoln) on Monday.
  • We are soliciting ideas for a location for Monday the 29th. Drop us a comment on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter with your favorite Phoenix hill.
  • SF is coming fast. Some people have advocated a green hoodie or jacket for everyone going. Check out the pinned post in the Cactus Lounge for ideas.
  • T-shirts and buffs will be here SOON.
  • Thank you to everyone who showed up for the, err, “Showing Up” film event. And thank you Chuck for getting us a screen to watch it on.


We screened the Dooster film “Showing Up” on Monday night. If you weren’t there, you really missed out. (Good news, though: it’s being released worldwide in December, so you have a chance to catch it while waiting on your flight to SF.) In it, there was one part about being #weatherproof, which showed people working out in a goddamn blizzard. The tribe collectively gasped, then began laughing at the absurdity of being anywhere near snow. I assumed that would wake us up to the fact that we’ve got it pretty good, but clearly I was wrong, as most of the tribe was bundled up this morning despite temperatures in the high 50s. I’d chastise you for it, but I was definitely part of that group. read more