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Glancing through the pictures from today’s workout, all the smiles and joyful faces made me smile and take on my own joyful complexion. There is an infection running through the November Project world. No no no, no need to call the Doctor-atrician. It’s a good infection, like a fever for more cowbell infection… fueled by an exhilarating sweat and connection toward a better, brighter community.

That said, we’re gonna look at our charts, year over year, to get an understanding of how we’re doing on the joyful scale. One year ago, we met at Skyline Park for the first time. How do I know? Because we run a tight ship here at #NP5280… a well-oiled machine… a clock that automatically adjusts for daylight savings time and full-moons… a robot that mixes punch, well, you get the idea. One year ago, we were a solid, fun-loving group of Yahoos(TM) that took over a concrete park in the middle of the big, scary, city of Denver. —>

#TBT Skyline Park - Summer 2014
#TBT Skyline Park – Summer 2014

Has our tribe grown over the year? Maybe. Has the apple core of the group grown bigger? Probably. Have the high-fives and hugs gotten sweatier, longer, and more fulfilling? Definitely.

How do we keep the momentum of awesome, joyful, friendly, community cruising into the next year-over-year? Tagging. That’s right, I said it. Social media interaction is the answer to building a stronger physical community. How why what? We utilize a blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook after EVERY single workout for a reason. The LieutenantGeneral started doing this on the directive of the not-so-corporate Mothership Godfathers in Boston, Brogan & Bojan. But more-so the social infusion is what allowed us to infiltrate your news feed and get you to #JustShowUp. Two years ago, we were a tribe of 4, maybe 7 if the children showed up. We need not lose this fight in us to build a stronger, more joyful community in NP5280, Denver, and the Planet. The social media aspect of the tribe gets our word out to the masses, almost as well as the print media does, but we can’t really control that can we?

The social media aspect makes your friends, and your friends friends who hate Facebook, be like, “Why is that chick always freakin’ smilin’ and looking so happy during her AM workouts?” How do we achieve this? By utilizing the phemomenal pictures that MissMorganAnderson takes and leveraging the TAG (not POKE) function of Facebook to push our friends into the limelight of their Bosses news feeds.

So I ask you to TAG a neighbor. We know you look at the pictures, maybe you even “like” a few pictures, or comment on silly faces. But let’s get back to our roots and get everyone TAGged in every workout picture.

The more people who are tagged, the  more names we know, the more faces we recognize, the more familiar, tight-knit, and supportive this community will become. Just like them —–>

To Boston with Love.
To Boston with Love.

Go Be It,

Lt. Flanniel Turbo

WED : 530-615A and/or 615-7A : Capitol Building Steps (Featuring the return of the GENERAL!!!!)

The 530 Grizzlies.
The 530 Grizzlies.


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