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OK ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok … ok. Time to write this blog. I think I’m going to take this on in bullet-point form:

  • Two newbies showed up and rocked early gang with us. They’re in the extreme minority of people who got woken up by us, and decided to come JOIN us instead of reporting us to the police. Bad ass. Love it.
  • The early gang workout was hard… real hard. Almost stupidly hard, as Clayton didn’t realize just how far the run portion of the tri-Huffman workout we did was. (If you understood that sentence, you come to NP too much… JK JK no such thing). Consequently, we did 3-5 minute sets of burpees and sit-ups. It was rough, and awesome, and we probably won’t do it again.


  • Sunish showed up late and then threw a tantrum when he couldn’t find us. I would love to write the entire blog about this, but I won’t. Water under the bridge.
  • Todays workout was fun. We split everyone up into four groups and each group started at a different corner of the park. Each corner of the park represented a different workout, and if you were at that corner, you were giving us MANY reps of that workout. Laura, Paddy, Clayton, and our assistant leader for the day, J-Mack, tagged about half the folks at each corner, and those folks took off running anti-clockwise around the park. When they reached the next corner, they tagged WHOEVER they felt like, and dropped to the ground to give us reps of the next exercise. Those tagged ran to the next corner and tagged others. And so on, and so on, and so on. Some people who either didn’t look like they were hurting enough, or who people didn’t feel like touching, didn’t get tagged for a LONG time, and were stuck doing burpees, or push-ups, or squats for WAY too long. So I guess I should say; todays workout was fun… for the leaders, who got to watch a few of you get passed over time and time again.
  • Damn that last one was a long bullet point.
  • FRIDAY we’re exploring the Ecology Trail in the Presidio. Meet at the car park on Arguello Blvd. Location in the tracker (tracking.november-project.com/).
  • Laura and Clayton are heading out of town, so Monday and Friday will be ALL PADRAIG O’LEARY. Get a 100% pure dose of Irish on those days. Enjoy it




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