Tabata Dating (YEG)

Today was all about getting a chance to get to know your tribe mates and in doing so you also got to burn out your legs if you hadn’t had an opportunity to do so this weekend. For all of the racers this past weekend (Spartan Race, Color-Me-Wild Run, Great White North Triathlon, Sinister 7 Ultra, etc)…congrats! Love that you all made it out today! This morning we offered you the gift of squats and jumps to flush out the burn and ache you were feeling when you woke up.

Partner tabatas are the best because we have some of the greatest partner exercises that we’ve inherited from our November Project sister cities…Hoisty-J’s, Bojans, Stare-down Squats, V-Sit Jumps & Wall-Sit Tricep Dips…5 Tabatas…5 Different Partners…5 New Friends!

Nadim and I take our role as match makers seriously as well…so if it felt awkward when we cast the single tribies to the other side of the path…good…that was our intent! If it was even more awkward staring into the depths of your partner’s soul as you did 8 sets of 20 sec face-to-face squats…even better…mission accomplished!

This morning you had fun! This morning you made new connections! This morning you laughed! This morning you hugged! This morning you did something for yourself! Congratulations!!

Can’t wait to see you all Wednesday morning. Bring a friend, Bring a stranger…Bring anyone and everyone!! Commonwealth Stadium – Gate 2 – 5:55 AM SHARP!

PS – November Project Canada Birthday Bash Info can be found HERE!


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