Ta-tas, err I mean Tabatas! (IND)

Indy was super balmy this morning at 32 degrees F, which undoubtedly helped our traverballing visitors from #NP_SF feel right at home. Welcome Erin and Becky (^front row, yellow). We also welcomed newbie Jackson this morning (^back row, middle). We started the morning off with general inappropriateness, such as bouncing and yelling “Tatas!” and “Hump Day!” in camel voice, followed by a good morning chest bump to your neighbor. Cause why be normal, right? Normal is boring. Weird is good. Weirder is even better.

The workout this morning was guest led by core member, Jessie, who taught us about Ta-tas, err I mean Tabatas!

2014-03-06 00.24.25

The tribe was very vocal with the grunting during the core circuit. And we all learned a thing or two from Spiderman Chris, on loan from #NP_BOS, with his impeccable Knee-to-Elbow Plank form. Nicely done, tribe!

2014-03-06 00.51.50

Word on the street is someone broke their #Verbal this morning. Was it you? Or you?? Stay tuned, your #WeMissedYou post is coming soon.


  • Mark your calendars: Sunday February 15th at 9am is our first annual #Sunrise6k. We will meet at the north stairs of the War Memorial. We will race 6k (3.7 miles, nbd) and finish at a breakfast establishment. Bring moola to buy yourself eggs. Super weird trophies (cause why be normal, right?) will be awarded to the overall male winner and overall female winner. #JustShowUp. #RaceEverything.

See you next week! Wednesday 5:28/6:15AM Indiana War Memorial North Stairs.

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