T-minus 24 Hours- #bemore_bmore: BAL

bmore shirt Here’s the deal. There are 23.5 hours until the second annual #bemore_bmore run. This morning was just a teaser, a whiff, a mere morsel of the craziness that we’re going to bring tomorrow. Today was fun, Friday always is. We love your spirit, your Joie de Vivre. Now don’t you want to share that with everyone?!

That’s the point of tomorrow’s run. It’s our chance to share with our city how wonderful and crazy this tribe is. We’re lucky enough to be a part of a totally fantastic nationwide movement…the very least we can do is share that with every last person. RIGHT?! I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. I’m going to need a resounding RIGHT!

Tomorrow, show up in your best Baltimore themed attire. Come in full on Edgar Allen Poe garb or dress like Divine circa 1968 ( please look it up if you don’t know). Yes, it’s going to be sweaty but that’s a minor sacrifice for the huge amount of joy you’re going to spread. Plus, it ends with beers. All good things end with beer.

Tomorrow is about taking some pride in your city, infusing it with some positivity and in your own crazy way, making it just a little bit better.

4:30 pm, Rash Field. Run will end close to where we start.

Can’t wait to see you wonderful cats tomorrow. I’ll be the one dressed like Baltimore.

Remember, as always, Take Big Bites out of Life.


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