#SweetPR (DCA)

If you haven’t met him, you’ve certainly heard him or at least high fived him. Positivity award winner and #DannyoftheDay, Kyle White, brings you the low down on NP_DC:

Today started like any other morning. We bounced, smiled and hugged friends and strangers alike. But then we got our gameface on. Why?

Because it was PR Day. 


Although the support our tribe provides each other day in and day out is absolutely amazing (high fives, cheering, dancing, hugs, etc.) PR Day is the one day per month where we kick it up a notch and the focus is on you. The only person you are racing on PR Day is yourself. It is a chance to see how you currently stack up against the time you threw down last month. It is a way to measure your progress – how far you have come and where you are today. Please don’t get me wrong, there were lots of high fives, cheers of encouragement and even a huge finisher’s tunnel during the workout, but people were in the zone today while they were racing – and that determination is awesome to see.

We had a bunch of people who joined us for the first time on a PR Week or even NP as whole – way to #justshowup and crush the workout this morning! I look forward to now seeing y’all every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. Good talk.

To those of you who threw down PRs today – way to prove that this whole free fitness thing is making us faster and fitter. But in addition to the satisfaction of knowing that you smoked your time from last month, what do our PR tribe members get? Free Sweetgreen salads! That’s right, we chase that #SweetPR so we can get some free kale, beets, spicy quinoa, and of course every avocado Sweetgreen has. Around the 15th Lincoln Log, there may have been some talk of approaching Chick-Fil-A for a PR Waffle Fries deal, but right now I think we will focus on our sweet spot (see what I did there) of healthy and free and go get those salads at Sweetgreen.

REMINDER: In order for you to qualify your PR, you need to go here and fill out your time. PLEASE use the same name you used last time. We usually recommend first and last name – they generally don’t change too often. If you missed that, go HERE.


IMG_0044 Congrats again to all those who PRed and to our winners – Tribe Leader Steve (who got antsy during the 5:30 group and decided to bust out a
PR during 6:30) and one of our rockstar ladies (still trying to compute the times)!

On Friday we will be at the park at Georgetown Waterfront. Chris Cole Black will be your fearless #DannyoftheDay. Prepare to have fun.
Prepare to get weird.


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