Sunrize 6K

Vancouver has hosted it’s inaugural Sunrize 6k

Not only did my sister provide us with one of the most amazing tags for this amazing #raceeverything opportunity. But the whole tribe came out to crush.

Not only that but we even had a sneaky #traverbal that I want to share with you all.
We all know that the tribe is strong. And that people will come from ridiculous distances far away for a workout.  Well today we had a visiting member from LA who not only came to our workout, but drove from Bellingham through the border to get there. But the story does not end there my friend, OH NO.  This amazing man was detained at the border, that’s right stopped by the lovely welcoming people of Canada, because the border agent DID NOT BELIEVE, that someone would drive to Canada just to do a workout with this weird thing called the November Project.
If we had an award that the great border jumper #Herschel could have taken home with him we would have given it to him. Maybe LA’s Steve and Orrin could help us out with this one?

PS. Herschel said our 6k course was better than LA’s… just saying.

Lots of love to you all for all that you do to be part of this crazy thing called the November Project. You all show up and show up big. You all are amazing people. You all bring something to the table every week and I love you all from the bottom of my heart because you all make Graham and myself so impressed by your dedication and support for each other.

Be safe this NYE… See you and all your friends next year.

Mr. November



Sunrise 6K and a new tag?? Going out with a bang! Bring on 2016!!

“You coming out of your truck?” “Nuh uh, I’m not ready”
“Today is a good and sad day. We are saying good bye to Asami – she is going back to Japan. She’s been found out as a Japanese Spy.” “BOOM!!!”
“SO what you’re going to do is go down the hill, take a left, follow the road, go around the roundabout, come back, ‘WE SERVE’, go back…” “I’m going to get lost” “I’ve gone cross eyed”
“How was Yellowknife?” “It was -47!!!” “Why would you go somewhere where the air hurts your face?!!?”
“OOOOO new Christmas runners!”
“If you’re not first, keep up to Mi Ch Ael … or Tom …” “AAAW YAH! Challenge accepted”
“THIS WAY!” “Ah fuck, I went the wrong way”
“Mel, we’re having a moment” “I’m going to throw up”
“It’s cold” “You should be a Weather Man” “You should be an asshole” “I already AM an asshole”
“Anyone want to play in people’s mouths today for me?”
“Mel, you look sick, you should stay home” “Thank you…?”
“I thought we were having another earthquake, but it was just a speed bump”
“What’s in my mouth?!”
“New Passport shirt!!” “YAH YAH! Can’t wait for NYC!”



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