#Sunrise6k Recap, Firedrill Abs & Merediths (PHL)

Last week we raced our second #Sunrise6k.  However, if you looked at our social media, you might not know this because the pictures have not been posted (coming soon).  This is for a very specific reason…the photos are simmering in some time exhaustive filters which take more than a few days to create the perfect look we are going for.  In any event, we raced a 6k course along historic Boathouse Row and the beautiful Schuylkill River banks.  Everyone pushed themselves to the limit and threw down some impressive times.  If you haven’t yet, please input your time over on the tracker.  Top 3 men and women are below …HUGE congratulations to all who ran!


  1. Dan H.
  2. David B.
  3. Dan F.


  1. Caroline C.
  2. Jamie P.
  3. Vicky J.

Onto today.  This morning we split the workout into two parts.  First part we will call Beach Bod Firedrill.  This was an abs focused firedrill, which had people running the steps and dropping to do sit-ups and leg throws.  After 30 minutes shore abs were achieved and we moved onto 2/2.  Second part we will call #Merediths.

To give some context, our good friend Chris Meredith was injured this past weekend and will require leg surgery.  Chris is among the most energetic, fit, fun and  friendly members of our Tribe.  Chris also has a penchant for burpees.  I’m pretty sure he’s done a burpee on each continent, possibly in outer space and definitely in your mother’s bedroom.  So given that we have a Tribesman down, we knew no other way to honor him than with the burpee.

See Sebastians are  well known among NP GLOBAL.  For Sebastians you put 7 minutes on the clock and see how many burpees you can let rip.  Well since our man Chris Meredith is such a badass, we at NP_PHL added a minute and created the #Meredith.  Everyone did great and left exhausted.  We hope we did you proud Chris and have a speedy recovery!

Friday we are at LEMON HILL, 6:25 AM.

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