#Sunrise6k LA Style.

Okay, that was fucking awesome!

You all killed it out there this morning! When we want to race hard we fucking race hard and on such an awesome morning with a few stragglers who wanted in on the action. Though our morning was covered with fog we could imagine a beautiful sunrise behind all the “gloom” and instead brought cheer and smiles to the beach.


Who else can say the got up this morning and raced plenty other just as fast mofoes this morning? Yeah, just what I thought!  So kudos for being determined and walking up yourself, this city and all those around you.

I’m beyond stoked to see all your faces this morning.

Make sure you track your time here if you did not do so after the race. https://tracking.november-project.com/event.html?id=406




Let us live as minimal as possible here. You don’t need extensive amounts of lairs or 12 water bottles.


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