#Sunrise6k Is Coming, Are You? (NYC)

So here in New York City, we are fucking ready to throw down.  Last time for our edition of the #Sunrise6k we had ideal weather, flat course, and was measured out to be completely accurate.  But today is a new day, and this is a completely new race. Few things first:

Our course is out in the open for all to see and check. And yea, its 3 loops of a 2.0007km course.  Yea, we that good here.
– One portion of the course is out and back, so there is one hard turn that will be done three times.  Still, we good.
– Log on to the tracker, #VERBAL, and then throw your time on after the race. Also, if you are going to run with a phone, download Strava.  If you run with a Garmin, get a Strava account and link your Garmin to it.  More to come about that later.  Its easy.
– Yes, I measured the course three different times, using three different methods.  Its legit.
– Some friends of ours at Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee will be out there with some post race refreshments.
Other Tribes Times
– San Fran, whatever.
– Milwaukee, we know a dark horse when we see one.
– Boston, take what you can get.  Your race was aight.
– Canada (all 8? of the tribes up there) Thank you so much for coming out, you guys are awesome!


When it comes down to it, NYC is going to race its ass off and show the city, the fucking world how badass and how fast we are.  Tell your friends to show up, tell your mom to show up, tell that coworker that looks over your shoulder every Wednesday and Friday and asks what weird shit you are looking at on Facebook/Instagram.  If they wanna know, show up.  #JustShowUp and #RaceEverything


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