#Sunrise6K (IND)

Nadim, the sun does shine in Indy. Even on the days when the wind chill is -8 degrees Fahrenheit. But that’s probably warmish to you and the #NP_YEG tribe. In Indy, whilst some hibernated during the “cold snap of February” (thanks weather terrorists), the most hard core, the toughest, the most #Weatherproof of #NP_IND tribe members showed up to throw down on the streets of downtown Indy. Joey was not wearing pants. Shocker.


First place: Pantless Joey

Second place: Trashtalkin’ Frank

Third place: DangerMan


First place: Sevenlayer Colleen

Second place: Gray, Kim Gray

Third place: Macko Attackyo


Nice work, Tribe!

See you Wednesday! Rest up. You’ll need it.


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