#Sunrise6K (IND)

What up December?!??  #NP_IND decided to welcome you by eating Special K, or 6, for breakfast.  Sunrise 6K (WITH STAIRS) went down, and guess what??  The sun rose…so we can chalk that one up to another win.

Today’s course was “criterium style”, consisting of 4 laps around the Indiana War Memorial Plaza.  Starting at the north stairs of the memorial, the tribe ran north around Veterans Memorial Plaza and once completing that block, headed back south to hit those glorious War Memorial stairs, up and over, then down around the University Park fountain and back.  The air was crisp, the moon was bright, and the feet were on fire.


(Course Map)

I’m fairly certain that Sammy’s pace affected the Earth’s rotation like in the first Superman movie and Blake made Usain Bolt look like Eeyore on Xanax.  James went beast mode on the 6:15am group with Joey Mac and Colleen nipping at his heels.  All around stair-laden 6K domination this morning by the #indytribe.  The earlier bird is getting the worm as 5:28am group continues to outgrow the 6:15am group.  Next week – we want to see that flannel.

5:28am/6:15am – Indiana War Memorial #justshowup.

Have a “Samuel L. Jackson’s wallet in Pulp Fiction” kind of week.


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