Sunrise 6K Leads To Dance Off Monday (SF)

We finished off last week with a 6K race around AT&T Park to continue proving our superiority to the rest of the human race. At least, that’s how your self-involved leaders viewed it. The race recap goes down like this:

-Race started off to a fast start. A few people didn’t realize that a 6K is actually not the equivalent to the 50 yard dash. They all quickly settled into a quick, yet controlled, pace.

-Paddy and Gavin took the lead with Iain hot on their heels after lap one. Paddy looked haggard from the previous week’s trail race. Gavin looked smooth. JMak and Laura began talking to trash to Paddy.

-Top ladies were very close behind, mixed in the top 10 men. The race was only a third of the way done, and clearly had barely even begun.

-End of lap two, Paddy and Gavin have increased their lead. Paddy looks exhausted. JMak let him know. Will there be a new Sheriff in town? Time will tell.

-Iain all alone in third. Getting bored by himself so decides to run even faster. Because, why not?

-Top two women battling for the top position, Connor Green close behind in 15th (?) for men. Thinks he is on the final lap so sprints to a valiant finish to edge out the ladies. Realizes he has another lap, screams in agony, powers on with head in hands.

-Finish: JMak and Laura were too busy dancing to have toilet paper finish line ready for Paddy to break. Fail. Gavin strolls in a casual second with Iain close behind.

Women battle out to the final few meters with Kristyn just slightly beating out Amy with Katy Kunkle finishing strongly in third.

Everyone collapses.

As I am walking out I hear someone go “The toilet paper finish was my favorite part.” Not sure that is a victory or a loss, but I will continue on with my head held high.


Monday Wisconsin Notes: We tagged shirts. We completed a good workout. We danced with the finisher’s tunnel. We got ready for the week ahead.


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