Summer Takeover

Fucking beautiful Monday NP DC,
We brought a new workout with the doughnut run set. When Steve and I were picking hills, we thought about Calvert, Rock Creek Hill, Harvard Ave., but ultimately settled on Meridian for workouts like todays. The variability, the inside steps, the football field landing, all make for some fun and my personal favorite workout days.

Saturday. It was awesome,  love getting to know each of you and your stories about how you stumbled into the tribe. Summer of 2014 is going to big for November Project DC and this was a fun (American) way to flip us into summer mode. That being said, let’s not stop. Let’s turn heads every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Let’s get into the Washington Post. Let’s build something incredible, and that all starts with you. If you’re usually only a Wednesday person, TRY Monday as well. If you’re waiter is in Nike Frees, write November Project next to tip. Keep spreading smiles, spreading free, spreading good fucking vibes throughout this District we all call home.

On the good vibe front, today’s positivity award winner was a Ms. Allison Barbo. Incredible story on her end. Last Friday was her 26th birthday (BOOM). Not only did Barbo make it to our Friday destination at the Washington Monument, but she then ran 26 (not the .2) miles to celebrate her 26th birthday. All of that combined with a positive attitude, great hip location on hugs, and a fucking beautiful smile makes for a great #PositivityAward winner. This tribe, this city is strong with you Allison.

2014-06-16 07.24.22-1

FRIDAY: FRIDAY we are at the White House, 1600 Penn Ave, 6:28 am, for what will be an amazing display of FREE FITNESS. Again, let’s get the hype machine going. IF AT ANY POINT before friday, you are walking by The White House, please stop, take a picture, hashtag it as #NP_WHITEOUT 6.20.14 @ 6:30 am. WEAR ALL WHITE.

IF you have made it to this point of the blog. Congrats. You are the 10%. Now ten percenters, please comment on the facebook album with #NP_WHITEOUT and I will smile big.

LOVE: Always.

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