Summer Solstice 2013

Even though today is the longest day of the year, I’ll keep this post short so you can enjoy the sunshine and not stare at your computers/mobile devices for too long.

What was for breakfast in Boston? #4Full hills with the side of the birthday celebrations. As crowd surfing while murder-whispering words to the Happy Birthday wasn’t silly enough, this morning 10-14 of our volunteers were tossing our birthday boy Derrick Shallcross in the air while rest of the tribe was silently singing the words to the second most overplayed song in the world, first one of course being Gangnam Style. Instead of trying to explain it, let this video tell the story. Thanks Katy Driscoll for captioning this masterpiece.

Our friends in Madison were racing on the capitol hill while nodding to Lady Forward on each pass. DG continues to grow Wisconsin tribe at unbelievable pace and we couldn’t be happier.

Our #DestinationDeck locaton on Monday will be North Point Park Playground in Cambridge. Remember this is a #RunDeckRun workout so unless you reside further than 4 miles away from this location you shouldn’t be taking any alternative forms of transportation. These rulles do not apply to Brogan Graham as he will be taking a cab from Beacon Hill. See you all there at 6:28am.

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