Summer is coming…

Can you feel it? The warmer air? Summer is coming…

This winter was pretttty tame compared to last year, much to the chagrin of many (Dana Bogan, James Broad, and myself–to name a few. Come chat with us if you also feel a little gypped), but it’s paved way for what’s already ramping up to be a friggin awesome Spring and even better Summer.

I don’t know if you feel it too, but when the Boston Marathon is around the corner, there always seems to be some sort of magical electricity in the air. Even for the millions of us that aren’t running, the vibe is strong all the way leading up to the main event. Then comes raceday–people racing, pacing, volunteering, and gettin hammered at 8am. What’s not to like!? I feel like every year I get a contact runner’s high just from being in this city. The city comes alive, and the tribe does so with it.

This week at NP has been amazing. It’s always good to be reminded that this group is huuuuuge*. During the winter months when it dwindles down to the hardcore-borderline-stupid-weatherproof bunch of us it can feel small and homey. I love all the people that show up religiously every single M/W/F all through the winter, but damn it’s great to see some of the faces we haven’t seen in awhile too. When the crowd comes out to play the energy is off the chain.

You felt it on Wednesday.
You felt it today.
It isn’t going away either.



I’m pumped as hell and we have some hilariously stupid and fun ideas in store. Get ready. You won’t wanna miss it.
This morning we raced our faces off and tons of you PRd whether you completed 3 fullies or not. My hat is off to all of you, and I’m psyched this PR Hills day has been such a success. Make sure you log your time in the tracker–and while you’re there #verbal for Monday. We promise we won’t write a “We Missed You” if you don’t show up… ok. Maybe we will.

Much Love,
– C. Payne


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