Sue’s Ladder

Today’s blog is a whole lot of good stuff and good ideas and goodness.  That’s good.  It’s Good Friday, according to my calendar and according to the number of children who #JustShowedUp this morning to the good old Friday hill workout.

But we didn’t just do a good workout, we did an average – to – mediocre new workout called Sue’s Ladder.  Ok, who am I kidding? It was great. And we’ll be using the hashtag #SuesLadder to hype it on social.  For all of you who were late and couldn’t figure out what the freaking workout was because you were LATE, read up, study up, and next time,  We’re always glad you’re here.  and we like you more when we get to hug you and bounce with you too.

Sue’s Ladder–let’s start with the name because you’re all either wondering or still scratching your head about who the fuck is Sue??  No, let’s not start with the name…it’ll come.  Let’s start with a Front hill.  You run one front hill down to Beacon and up to the crosswalk at the summit.  Then you run a lap down to Beacon and up to York Terrace (the third street you pass on the way up the left side).  You cross the street without getting hit by cars #safetythird! and run the next lap down to Beacon and up to Mason Terrace.  Cross again, down to Beacon and sprint the block up to Short st.  Your next trip down to Beacon means you restart the pattern, and repeat the ladder.  If you look at your little GPS tracker map of your route, it would look frighteningly similar to those old Basketball court running drills they called “suicides.”  Good ol’ Sue.  Get it?

If you’re still unsure, like Capozzi was: it’s a mash up of Jacob’s Ladder and Suicides.

If you could even keep track of how many full ladders you completed and how many Sue-laps you racked up, then track your workout ‘cuz we’re definitely doing that one again.  If you didn’t keep track and instead wondered how the hell you ever just run all the way up because the full hill seemed so insanely long after doing short laps, well then, congratulations.  You just got your ass kicked by Sue’s Ladder.  You’re welcome.  #WeekendEarned.


Did you know… There’s a dude named Tony who drove to NP from Windham, NH this morning.  Apparently, he gets one Friday off each year from work–Good Friday.  He used his one Good sleep-in Friday in 2015 to come to the hills with this Tribe. That was last year.  And today, the 2nd Annual Good Friday November Project happened for Tony.  Some people show up every week.  Some people show up once a year. But you show the fuck up and get filled up on the weird, positive, contagious energy of the tribe and the free free free fitness.  BOOM.

MONDAY DESTINATION DECK  Location: Cambridge City Hall grassy yard.  REMEMBER: Bring a reusable grocery bag–the ones you take with you to the grocery store and put your food in. No plastic bags allowed.  Bring a friend too.

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