Success before 8am

There are lots of reasons to feel successful and many ways to achieve some sense of success.

At November Project, I feel like we’re successful when people show up.  When people work their asses off.  When the tribe hugs and connects.  I feel successful when co-leaders’ voices are overpowered by positivity and encouragement from the “fuck yeahs” and “good jobs” and “get after its” that we hear from everyone around the stadium while we all battle the stairs.  I feel successful when people approach us after the workouts to say, “I’ve been asked/begged/recruited by my friend here to come to NP for ___ months and I finally showed up.  I’m so happy I finally did.” [while friend stands close and smiles goofy smile]

I feel like we’re successful when people set new goals, work like hell toward those goals, and achieve them.  Success is definitely new PRs.  I feel success when people work to get better and injuries heal, especially while staying involved with the Tribe.

I also feel successful when the community in Boston gets a little closer.  When the Tribe invites & recruits everyone, hugs strangers, gets a little bolder and more positively outgoing because #WorldTakeover.  When we ruffle some feathers and shock some people, in the most awesome, weird, and good ways.

Today at the stadium, it was Patty–who stood out to me in the Newbie meeting.  She’s a little older than our usual, average newbie and to be honest, she looked a like she was just slightly more ready to run away from the stadium than she was to run up the stairs.  But she was there.  She listened super carefully to all my words of advice and wisdom about making your first stadium experience a good and successful one.  When I shared the gem about “keep moving” and emphasized why it’s so much easier for your body and your mind to maintain your movement than to stop and try to get going again, and I even had everyone repeat after me, “I promise to keep moving,” I then double checked with Patty.  “Are you really going to keep moving?” I asked her.  She looked me in the eyes and insisted, “I’ll keep moving…” Fuck yeah Patty, movement is what matters.  I don’t give a shit really if your sprinting, running, side-stepping, hopping, wheel-barrowing, carrying a log, walking, or crawling on your hands and knees.  If you’re moving on the stairs, you’re in this thing.

I caught eyes with Patty 2 or 3 times during the workout, which I try to do with Newbies…cuz they sometimes need some extra attention.  From a few sections away we shared the battle cry, Me: “YOU ARE MOVING!” Patty: “I AM MOVING!” And each time she might have been surprised by this reality or increasingly proud, but she was fucking confident about moving.

And then…after the 6:30 group photo, there was Patty.  With her goofy-smile-wearing recruiter standing next to her, beaming with excitement for Patty.  She said to me, “my friend has been recruiting me for 6 months.  And for 6 months I’ve been scared to come.  Thank you, I’m so glad I came.  And you made me feel not scared.  I’ll definitely come back because I’m not scared anymore.”

BOOM.  #Success

I know there are Pattys in the stadium every single week.  And even for those of us who have been at Wednesday workouts now tens or hundreds of times, there are still days when we get scared or intimidated.  We get self-conscious or worried we won’t be as fast as before or we’re struggling to be motivated.  We’re just not confident about what we can do.  But you guys, we know this free fitness, get moving, November Project thing is bigger than scared, anxious, unmotivated, or unsure.  When we take that leap to #JustShowUp, let the Tribe hold your hand, and have your back, and notice that you’re still moving, we find a little piece of success that we’re all looking for.  It’s pretty simple.

other successes today…

#ShovelCrew ensured that we could not only run the sections and stairs cleared by the natural melt, but those badasses cleared the bottom stairs too–so we ran FULL SECTIONS for Frogman1 today.  (except the very very bottom stair in some sections)  It was an unusual PR day for the last Wed of the month, but a really kickass way to wrap up January 2016.  Track your sections & time in the new & improved tracker!!

#ThePositivityAward went to our very own Laura Ingalls, aka DJ Phoenix.  She’s a serious badass.  An incredible core member of this tribe since just about forever, and we never want to do this NP thing without her.  Need a little inspiration and positive vibes?  Just give her a shout. Thank you Laura, for your unwavering love for this tribe.

and a couple important announcements

#NP_Buffs are quickly going to their owners.  There are 39 of you who have paid for your buffs and haven’t picked them up.  Dudes, what’s your deal?  Get up, show up, and get your buffs!  For everyone to know who those 39 people are, see the google doc here.  Notice your friends are on the list? Shame them publicly please.  And make sure they get buff.  They only have a few more workouts to pick them up.   there are 18 buffs up for sale on Friday.  So especially if you haven’t gotten one yet, do these things: 1. show up on Friday this week.  2. bring $5 in American cash (coins are funny and will not be accepted unless they’re quarters).  3. Listen for more details about who to see (NOT RYAN) and how to get one.

Stadium Parking is entering a new month.  Next Wed is already February.  Do you want to stop standing in line at the parking meter pay station?  Then get a $10 monthly pass through Harvard’s Parking Services website.  It’s quick, easy, and worth it if you drive to the stadium.  All steps for getting a monthly permit are explained in this thorough blog.

#GrassrootsGear tagging has taken a hiatus from the Last Wed of the Month due to cold temperatures and the resulting shitty tagging that happens.  No one is happy with shitty tagging.  But lots of you are freaking out about the upcoming Super Sunday race (which lots of NP folk are running in, and so look that up if you’re looking to race 5k or 5Miles on Super Bowl Sunday) and you want to wear #GrassrootsGear!  We get it.  We understand.  We will very probably make it possible for all of you who are running to get your gear tagged…but it’s gonna be up to us where, when, and how many items you can tag.  Stay flexible, versatile, adaptable, and hungry.  The #Grassroots will come.  Keep your ear to the ground.


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