Substitute Teachers (YEG)

Today’s blog is brought to you by our substitute teacher, Tanis.

Well this morning was Epic. It was epic because 128* of you decided to get out of your warm bed and have #stairsforbreakfast. So epic, that I had tribemembers text/tweet me to be sure I wouldn’t miss it. Thanks Greg, Steven, and Ben (from Boston!) So epic, that Aidan (Oatmeal guy) showed up even though he can’t do any sort of physical activity, not even an injury deck! So he was assigned the responsibility of warning tribemembers of the slippery steps and cement. Thanks Aidan!
Today the leaders were gone, but you were left with substitute teachers. Substitutes are always the best. You can always get away with more. We stuck with most the curriculum, but changed it up a little by giving you “tribemembers choice”. So at the top of the stairs you did your ten pushups, your ten situps, high fived the constable, and then you were giving the option of doing ten of what exercise you wanted. So imagine my surprise as I get to the top of the stairs and see all but one person doing burpees. Either you guys really like burpees, don’t listen well, are on autopilot at 6am, or just couldn’t think of anything else to do. Whatever it was, great work everyone!

Ryan and I would like to thank Jen and Nadim for trusting us with the tribe. It was really amazing. We now got to feel how you guys do with having everyone bounce with you, listening to you yell “Good morning!”, and ”Ya’ll good?” and getting an “F@*k ya!” back. We know why you do it. Thanks tribe members for making our morning every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You all are the best!
The leaders are back Friday for hills at Emily Murphy. Unless you guys don’t want to come back, then Ryan and I got it covered!
*Number is verified by official and certified (well one certified, one almost certified) accountants. Thanks for your help Lisa!

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