Strong As Bull (DEN)

How about that, we had more cowboys than cowgirls at today’s workout! This is clearly a first in November Project history, which typically attracts a 60/40 split of chicks and bros. In fact, academic studies and Facebook polling have shown that women are more likely to exercise in the morning than their lazy, groggy counterparts. And ladies are more likely to attend in pairs or groups, just like when they ask their friends to go to the bathroom with them at a club… the dude abides. Blokes on the other hand are more likely to sleep in and exercise ALONE in the evening. Sounds depressing. Enter November Project: Chaps just show up, get their sweat on, flex for the senoritas, and exude their go-getter ambition & boyish charm with unlimited hips-in hugs.

Fueling the 50/50 split at today’s workout, we had the damsels and dames run opposite loops up the stairs of the Capitol Building. Captain America squared off with Goldie Pants, and the Love Boston – Boston Strong – Big Papi shirts were out in full force, as we relished in the camaraderie of Marathon Madness.

Repping the November Project ethos, Bearded Troy passed on the Positivity Award (I.e. wooden oar handle) to our one and only Babe. Troy towed along the baton for a swift 20-miler, uphill both ways. Will Babe introduce the stick to his Blue Ox? We can only hope so. As always, post those pics of you showing the Positivity Award a good time to our FBook page.


FRI 6:15AM Governor’s Park Hills led by Picante & Shaker
WEDS 6:15AM Civic Center Amphitheater led by The General

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