Strava & Runner’s World Fly to Boston to Celebrate Michael P. Joyce’s Bday.

Team Strava hit three workouts this week with their whole team, did you? To make things even cooler, the kind folks from Runner’s World Magazine, who were reported to be out waaaaaaaaay past the usual November Project Thursday night curfew, and still made it to the summit of Summit Ave by 6:29AM lookin’ pretty darn fresh. The tribe, as usual, came through with a giant showing to tackle the 3, 6, or 9 option with a 7:20AM (optional) all out time trail dash put on by Strava Running.

You see, after almost of year of wet, clunky, and always damp clipboard/pen combos at our workouts, we’re considering a better way to track some of our workouts by using that thing that many in this town are calling… how do you say it… oh, yeah, technology. But don’t worry, we’ll always have options and completely understand that not everyone has a smart phone that they can train with. This morning, many of us downloaded Strava Running to our phones to give their simple training app a try – It was way easy.

But wait, did you say Runner’s World was in the mother fuckin’ house? And they were training with November Project?! That’s right folks, there is a running race on Monday called The Boston Marathon and I guess its been going on for like… almost… over 20 years now (?). You’ll notice many nimble folks from the foot racing industry are in town rocking their newest deodorant and pushing their freshest non-grassroots gear. We’re very happy to share this amazing city with these good people who rise, shine, move, and shake just like we do… as long as they promise to leave on Tuesday.

As many of you know, our “November Project Marathon Hydration Station” will be set up at Mile 18 and would love to have your support. Find the “Marathon Hydration Station” on Facebook for full details and packed guest list. Its going to be a blast for racers and supporters.

Speaking of racers… Good luck to all of our members who’ve been at it hard for many months leading up to this weekend. Relax, chill the first __ miles, and then attack that shit like Bojan was shooting photos and I was holding the boombox right next to your butt cheeks! Think “fuck yeah” at all times and know that we’re watching you every inch of the 26.2 miles from Hopkinton into your City of Boston. We believe in you and are proud to see this Monday finally come for you racers. #RaceEverything #TheTribeIsStrong #ClairWoodParkedOnBeaconStreetToday

MONDAY: #CassidyPlayground with a map that looks like this: MAP. Plan your run and arrive no later than 6:29AM.

WEDNESDAY: #PackDay. More details & hype coming on Tuesday.

And most importantly, Happy Birthday to Michael P. Joyce. We hope you had a great day man.

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