Stop. Think. Bigger. (DCA)

I want you to stop for a moment and think big. Think about something so big that it’s changed the course of your life. Big enough for you to second guess crossing the river because you, your wagon, your oxen, and those 17 extra axles you decided to bring along for the trip might get swept down the river. Bigger than Tom Hanks (if you don’t get it, he was in a movie called Big. Great film. Watch it sometime).

This Wednesday comes something bigger than my beard. Bigger than the hole in Danny’s running tights. Bigger than the Washington Monument. Something that will change the course of NP DC. We’re beyond stoked so you should be too. Get hyped. Don’t miss out on the free fitness, community, and memories (and quite looking at the forecast. JUST SHOW UP.)

2015 has a lot in store for November Project DC and the world of November Project. We have major plans to take over this city, put smiles on people’s faces, and create a community of hundreds and even thousands of positive, loving, fastest YOU kind of people. The District is ripe for the picking and we’re the lion tamers. Mixing metaphors but you know what I mean.


This morning, we appreciated everyone going into work a little later today so the roads could be nice and clear for our #HillsForBreakfast. We came hungry, we left satisfied.


Tagging will happen next Monday (weather permitting). Feel free to contribute a can of paint (flat black, see my example here). Also, join the social group.


Keep your eyes and ears wide open for our next event. If it’s anything like our last event, it’s going to be DOPE (as per usual).


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