Stop and Smell the Roses (YEG)

When you get caught up in the moment, it is easy to lost sight of why we do certain things. That’s not to say that you don’t have the same intentions, but it is good to be reminded the meaning of it all.

As Andrew said this morning, we have had a lot of time to reflect over these past few days. After writing a few presentations and sharing stories about November Project, there were a few things that we were reminded of that we take for easily forget. Every morning, we are fortunate and lucky enough to bounce and greet each other. Not everyone is able to do that, but we are.  So, when we ask “Y’all Good?” there should only be one response. One response to remind everyone loud and clear that we are happy to be with everyone. Let’s face it. November Project is nothing without all the amazing people that come every Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Getting to the workout is hardest part. There are so many reasons for you not to come to the workout. It’s cold, dark, early and you’re going to have to hug a stranger. But you all know, that what could be seen as something that is stopping you from coming, isn’t stopping you at all. As you come to more and more workouts, the cold isn’t that cold anymore. That 5am alarm isn’t as much of a fight, and hugging strangers is really ok. Everyday, you have to overcome this, and every day, it gets easier. When you think about it, those roadblocks in front of people who don’t come, are often all in their head. It’s hard to understand it all if you have never been, but we have complete strangers that are more postitive and encouraging than employees at Disneyland. Why? Well, they know that November Project is a judgement free zone. It’s place where you can be you who want to be, where you can try new things, where you can set a goal to run up the hill without stopping, and as Jen likes to say, November Project is a place where you can fly your freak flag. We are all lucky to have this amazing community of people.

So when we ask that question, we want everyone to scream as loudly as they possibly can, F*$K YEAH!


Tomorrow is Edmonton’s first ever Pride Run. We’ll be tagging a few more white shirts from 8:15am until 9:30am. Get there early to make sure we get your shirt done! Once we get to 9:30am, or when we run out of paint, that’s it!
Here are details on Pecha Kucha refunds. There is a deadline on the redunds so make sure you get it if you need to. We won’t know if their schedule will work with ours for their next night, but eventually, we will present there.


MONDAY – We will be at Jackie Parker Recreation Park. This is by Millwoods Golf Course. Some mornings, my brain is not functional, and I say the wrong thing during the announcements. Today was one of those days. This is on the south side. Make sure you go to the right place.

June 24th – Sunrise 6k

June 26th – Short Shorts and Bright Shirts

Find the Good,



ps. Happy 30th Danielle!November Project Workout In Edmonton

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