#StoneWallDeck #MagazineBeach

Monday will almost always be the session where your credit for attendance will come from the hugs exchanged, the introductions made, and the look in your eye as you see the many familiar faces of your tribe as the sun toys with the idea of rising.

Today was a cold, wet, mud-bath. It was amazing. As we continue on with our adult life, its important to move, race, run in the rain and roll in the mud every chance we get. One day we’ll all be old as fuck laying in hospital beds with droopy everything looking back on our years in Boston. Mornings like this will further assure you that you DID all the active things even when they were a bit crazy. For those of you who didn’t make it out to play, you clearly missed a good one. #StoneWallDeck. #DestinationDeck gets better every single week.

See you WEDNESDAY… and again on FRIDAY.

We ran.
Our #DestianationDeck was at a park called Magazine Beach.
We jumped up on the stone wall many many times.
It rained.
We raced.
We hugged.
We ran home.
The Tribe Is Strong.

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