Still Hyping Monday & More (BOS 5.24.19)

So much hype.

So much good stuff.

Highlights from today:

Rock, Paper, Scissors Hills. Full body RPS with winners going down the back hill, losers going down the front hill, and a tie meant both partners do 10 pushups, 10 partner situps or 10 burpees–before attempting the RPS again. Good stuff.


We are still having a workout at 6:30am at the Robbins Farm Park in Arlington. MAP HERE. You can meet us there for the workout and get there however you’d like!

OR you can meetup with a group to run (5.1 miles) or bike (5.5 miles) to the workout from the parking lot at Christian Herter Park, in Brighton. This meet up spot for BIKING or RUNNING is HERE. If you plan to run, you can meet for the 5:15am group (which is good for anyone running 15min/mile pace or faster) or the 5:45am group (which is good for running 9min/mile pace or faster. BIKES are also leaving at 5:45am.

All the info you want or need is in this blog. And you can find links to that blog, as well as both the workout location AND the run/bike meetup spot in the @novemberprojectbos instagram bio link.


On Fridays we run hills. And on Fridays in June, we run Indiana Junes. That’s the #IndianaJones hill workout, but every single friday in the month of June. Because it’s badass and hard. Because everyone CAN do it. And because the name is just ridiculously awesome.

AND if you attend every single Friday workout in June, you earn yourself a very elusive Indiana Junes patch for bragging rights forever. #JustShowUp.

The Last Wednesday of the Month

It’s coming and it’s only like 5 days away. Take your long weekend and get yourselves ready to race your faces off on Wednesday. It’s the one time a month we really really throw down and see how fast we can go. It’ll be amazing. And you’ll be fast. But you’ll only know how fast and how amazing if you show up. #PRday

Yearbook Photos

Are coming in JUNE. It’ll be on a Wednesday, at the stadium, and you can definitely get yourself there. Yearbook photos are the individual “headshot” style photo we take of everyone at NP and then we post in an album on FB so everyone can tag themselves and everyone else can scroll through and figure out the names of everyone they see and sweat next to every week. Stay tuned, and probably just plan to show up every Wednesday, just so you don’t miss it!

Have a great weekend–be safe and be kind. The world is better that way!

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