Stay Classy, San Diego

Here at November Project SD, we’re all about culture, fine art, symphony, and high society.  So this morning, of course we graced the stage of the uber-classy Spreckels Organ Pavilion with our sweat, sneakers, and bellowing “fuck yeahs”.  That’s classy, right..?…


You may not have known this, but Spreckels and November Project actually have quite a bit in common:

-Spreckels Organ has 4518 pipes (largest outdoor organ in the western hemisphere); this morning, combined, we did at least a 4518 burpees (most badass outdoor tribe in the western hemsphere)

-Hundreds of classy people come out each week to join in the magic of Spreckels Organ; Hundreds of crazy people come out each week to join in the madness of November Project.

-Spreckels is classy;  NP is classy AF

-Spreckels blows its pipes to create music; We blow our pipes to get hyped! #fuckyeah

-Spreckels is a piece of San Diego history;  You bet your ass NPSD is going down in history!


See, by simply following the logic of the associative property, by working out at Spreckels, a classy establishment, we, November Project SD, are a classy establishment.  Argue that logic, I dare you!

And with class, style, grace, and positivity, we’re leaving our mark on our city; one that any city would be proud to carry.  Be happy.  Be strong.  BE BRIGHT!

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#MayhemMondaysNext Monday is at Ventura Cove by the Bahia Hotel.

#SoCalRollCall:  Bring your NEIGHBOR!  The tribe WILL GROW! #200hugs

#SUMMIT: Sign up for the North Face Endurance Challenge! Park City on Sept 25 and San Francisco on Dec 5! (discount codes in link^)

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