Started from the bottom (YEG)

The beats were pumping this morning. High 5s to all those who move up and down the stairs with their portable speakers. When you start from field level of the lower bowl and tough it out all the way to the final nose bleed section of the upper bowl and repeat for the morning’s workout, those tunes definitely help.  Sometimes the songs also just get stuck in your head and one line becomes the mantra for the morning. This morning “…started from the bottom now we’re here…” cycled over and over in my head as I gutted out those intervals. It’s daunting when you get to the base of the upper bowl and look up at that steep set of stairs, already out of breath and heart racing from sprinting to that platform. It a great test of grittiness, stubborness, and determination to will yourself to push up that section. But when you stand at the top of the stadium you can look at that person next to you; hand on quads, catching their breath, and say “started from the bottom now we’re here” #BOOM Great work today tribe! Those intervals are tough!


Friday – Walterdale Hill 6AM

  • Nadim & I are in Vancouver doing some half marathon called SeaWheeze, Andrew’s hanging out at the White House or is in Toronto, or out sailing in Nantucket…we can’t keep track of him. Either way, we needed to book a substitute so please be extra kind and listen well.

Sunday, August 21 6:45AM–10:30AM

  • We have an official cheer station for the Edmonton Marathon. It will be at Stutchburry Park. We’ll make a ton of signs and give those runners a ton of energy and positive vibes that morning!

PS: Wednesday, August 24 – A chance to go for the Old96er!

Until next time…SMILE! J

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