Stars and Speed Forever (DCA)

Today, we watched scores of speedy speedsters speed past on their speediest of feet. In fact, they sped so fast, their speed may have been picked up by satellites speeding around the globe. Ok, now that I’ve used almost every variant of the word speed, let’s get to the brass tax:

1. Don’t forget to track your speed HERE.

2. The District is FAST. We will continue to train for races, Lincoln logs, life, and 6ks. Actually, that’s how you should answer when people ask what you’re training for. Why? Because then they’ll ask why you’re training for a 6k. Perfect segway into NP and then BOOM. You’ve recruited them.

3. How do we match up against the rest of the November Project world? That remains to be seen so stay tuned…


4. Big shoutout to our winners today: Jessica ‘Fiercely Fast’ Zdeb (won by a paper thin margin and pictured above) for the ladies and Dan ‘So Fast You Can’t See Him’ Martin (ran so fast he actually did a pre-sunrise6k…finished before we say daylight. Not pictured). These cats are the fastest of DC on flat ground. Train your asses off and you may catch them.

5. What’s most important today is that we all got a personal record (PR). Put well by an equally as fierce member on Twitter, it doesn’t matter where you are in terms of other people. As long as you can say ‘I’m becoming the fastest me’. If you happen to have fun, get weird, and hug people while doing it, then you must be at November Project.

And now that my outline for my 5 paragraph essay is finished,


FRIDAY: Meet at 17th and A Streets SE, 6:28AM to #EarnYourWeekend



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