StairBata for dat Booty (DEN)

Alright, my little angels, that was a fantastic sweat-fest this morning!  A little stair crushing, a little Tabata-ing, a little getting to know your neighbor with some overly personal questions and awkward eye contact.  Remember, it’s only awkward if you make it that way.

Speaking of getting to know you, we’d LOVE to introduce you to a core NP5280 member who’s got NP in her blood.  This beauty eats, sleeps, drinks, and maybe even poops NP.  Bad analogy on that last one – whatever.  She also drives to every workout from somewhere near Grand Junction…or Louisville.  Somewhere that is most definitely not here.  She also has a righteous fucking Boston/Rhode Island/Ambiguous Northeastern accent, so have a conversation with her and try to keep up!  Ladies and Germs, I give you PACE!

Morning Folks!

I was on a writer’s high after my blog post about my recent trail race, so when
Woody approached me about contributing to this week’s blog it was a no-brainer. I
actually started writing this last night (Thursday) because I knew I would have so
much to say. I wanted to have nicely put together story/post, but instead my
thoughts just came out in a rapid-fire stream of consciousness and I struggled to find
ways to tie everything together. So enjoy, I guess you could say you’re now getting a
glimpse into what goes on in the mind of Pace. You’re welcome.

November Project has been a huge part of my life now for almost 3.5 years. I started
with NP in Boston because I had gotten bored with my standard running and
Pinterest workout routines. A friend/coworker (thanks LG, I’ll be forever grateful)
had showed up to a few of the workouts and was raving about them. Since my
apartment wasn’t more than a half mile from Summit Ave, I decided to try it out.
Dan + Molly had started NP Denver a few months before I arrived. I had been in
Colorado for less than 2 days when I showed up at my first workout. It was a small
group, but I felt comfortable and happy knowing that in place where I knew less
than a handful of people upon arriving, I already had a instant community and group
of friends.

I could go on and on about how NP has changed my life. How if you look at
Facebook and Instagram, you wouldn’t know that I do much else with my time…
How the Tribe and the Movement have pushed me out of my comfort zone in so
many ways… How it’s definitely the topic I’m most passionate about when meeting
new people (it’s made for some interesting first date discussions)… You get the

I come from Boulder and return back after the workout almost every Wednesday +
Friday morning. Even those that have known me the longest are still impressed by
the “commitment”. For me it’s not about commitment, it’s just an obvious choice.
There is no other way that I’d rather spend my mornings than working on my
fitness while having an absolute blast with you fine people.
I’ve gotten my parents and 1/2 sisters to a workout and when my parents came out
last fall, the most important thing for them to do was to go to attend November
Project so that they could meet the people I was CONSTANTLY talking to them
about. They continue to be hardcore members of the NP5280 Fan Club, RI chapter.
There is an NP photo that for me completely encapsulates how much of a family you
all feel to me. Last Spring I spent much of my time bouncing between CO and RI
when my Dad got sick. One day in particular had been extremely difficult and as I
sat in a hospital waiting area looking for some distraction, this popped up on my
Facebook feed:

Heart strings, tugged.
Heart strings, tugged.


I completely lost it, and for the first time that day it was not because I was scared
and frustrated, but because I was just so, SO happy to see you guys and I knew how
genuine the love and support was for me and my family.

I remember showing the photo to my Mom and knowing not only how much she
appreciated the sentiments on the page, but because she knew I’d have a pretty
unbelievable support system of people who would be there for me when I returned
back to Colorado. I will never be able to thank all of you enough for that moment.
Moral of my post, you guys are all pretty fucking amazing people and I feel
extremely lucky to call so many of you my close friends. At this point, I can’t even
imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t decided to “just show up” to NP those
few years ago.

Keep showing up. Keep pushing yourselves. Keep hugging and cheering for one
another. You all and this Movement are making an impact on our community even
when you don’t realize it and we’re all better people for it.

#fuckyeah #weekendsearned #Paceout


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See you Wednesday!
Major Woody

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