Stack the Deck (IND)

Today, November Project celebrated its Third Birthday. We took Fall 2014 #YearBookPhotos. We bounced. We yelled “Good Morning!” We yelled “Fuck Yeah!” We encountered the European Air Kiss Greeting, followed by “Glad you are here.” Why? Why the f*ck not? Major kudos if you actually kissed someone. It just keeps getting weirder.

And we, your Co-Leaders stacked the deck. The tribe paired up for Lawnmowers (which require more coordination than one would think), V-sit Jumps, Bojans (a personal fave of the leadership) and Low-5 Push-ups, the number on the card indicated the number of reps. Add in some competitive sprinting and stair racing, and boom. You’re welcome.


Colleen won the #RaceDay Winner’s Cape for her PR and negative split of 1:33.

Frank’s “little tank” was given his first article of #GrassrootsGear.

And Evan won the #PositivtyAward for crushing #RaceDay and then returning to the stairs to find the person in last place and encouraging him through to the finish.

NP collage 11.5

Thanks to all the brigade of newbies who showed up for “Stairs and Stuff”, especially the hung-over dudes.

Thanks to all the veterans who show up every week, never sure what they are getting into.

And special thanks to our visitor from NP NYC, Chris.

2013-12-05 01.03.00-1

Check out the #YearBookPhoto Album on the Book of Faces.

See you next week: Wednesday Indiana War Memorial 6:15 AM North Stairs


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