Spring has Sprung

Wisco Notes:

  • This week has been awesome. Started with a Monday hill workout and will finish with some first time marathons and Easter! In the Middle we had an awesome Easter themed workout with lots of new friends and visiting friends.
  • Summit. Join us in July.
  • We are tagging shirts all rainbow like next week.




Spring has always been my favorite time of the year. Maybe it is because I was born in the springtime or maybe it because spring really is actually just the best, but regardless it’s going to be fucking awesome for us here at NP Phoenix. Here are our top 10 reasons why it’ll be awesome (in no particular order):

THE SUNRISE: Finally after what seemed like an incredible long dark winter, the sun has begun to peek over the western buttes lighting up our amphitheater. For those of you who haven’t witnessed this yet, I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful it is to watch the sunrise on those steps. From our vantage point, we get to watch as the sunlight spreads across the valley lighting up the sky with vibrant colors and awakening the city. Hard to have a bad day when it starts with one of these.

THE SCENERY: The Saguaro blossoms are blooming and small flowers have started to pop up and color the brown surfaces of the desert in yellows, pinks, and oranges. Even dudes have to admit when the Palo Verdes are in bloom they illuminate the desert in this vibrant yellow and it’s pretty incredible

THE TEMPERATURE: Air temperatures are slowing creeping upwards into that perfect zone. I’d venture that the temperatures in Arizona during the springtime can rival that of any place IN THE WORLD. In the spring we are lucky to have great weather all day, every day. Plus, we know what is coming for us in a couple months so we really value this time with these temps.

THE BIRDS: No. Not THOSE birds. Yes, it is nice that the snowbirds are leaving and traffic will finally return to normal, but I mean the REAL birds – the ones singing you a beautiful song each morning. I mean. That shit is good.

SPRING TRAINING. This is Arizona at its finest. Arizona is home to 15 major league teams who do spring training and baseball is America’s favorite pass time, so yeah.

EATING OUTSIDE. I know this is a fitness group and we probably shouldn’t promote stuffing your faces, but there is not a city in the world that likes to eat outside more than we do here in Phoenix. FINALLY, it is patio season which means lots of time will be spent building community over food and drink.

VISITORS. This time of the year brings people from all over the world to the Valley for the great weather and springtime activities. This past Wednesday we had a whole slew of visitors from other NP tribes and we loved it. It’s fun to watch our tribe start to understand the impact of the NP community at large.

THE INTENSITY: Oh yeah. Our workouts will be getting more intense. We haven’t been able to make you crazies duel on those stairs for safety reasons, but now that it is light out again you better get ready for it.

POOLS. Everywhere. I’m pretty certain that we have a BBQ on the agenda everyone weekend for the next two months. Who is hosting next weekend?

NO MORE EXCUSES: The weather is perfect. The sun is up. You need to start working out because bathing suit season is upon us. We are awesome. Hugs are awesome. Get here.




Happy Easter Friends!

Peace, love and cacti,


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