Spring Break ’95 (DEN)

Today we kicked it old school. All the way back to 1995. I guess the Lieutenant was feeling a bit nostalgic about his first spring break. Who knew he could rap so well!? Coolio would be proud to call DJ Turbo his homie. Frankly, I’ll stick with Hootie.

With a little love, and some tenderness 
We’ll walk upon the water 
We’ll rise above this mess 
With a little peace, and some harmony 
We’ll take the world together 
We’ll take ’em by the hand 

It just pulls at the heart strings. How can you not love Hootie? I think we were all getting a little hootie today. A little hootie and hollary. (That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a segue… like a boss) I heard so much cheering and screaming this morning. Maybe it was the beautiful morning after so much rain. Maybe it was last nights full moon. (Don’t quote me on that) Maybe it was because there is just something magical about waking up early to workout with some of your closest friends. Whatever the reason, it was infectious! I’m still feeling it! I rode through a puddle on my way to work… I might have splashed the girl riding around the puddle. I even cheered on the receptionist when I walked into the office! “YEA CHERYL! YOU ANSWER THAT CALL! WOOOOO!”

In completely unrelated, but completely related news, we all now have permission to yell at Brian Fedish during workouts. (Maybe outside of workouts too. Try it and see!) He misses Molly getting in his face. So we all need to come together as a community, and motivate Brian to new heights! You’re welcome Brian…

Also, judging from the color of my fingers, I am now an expert tagger. WHA SUP!

You made me ink!

I love you all in that special, stomach gurgly sort of way.


Group of the 5:30 persuasion

WED: 5:30am/6:15am Capitol Building Stairs (14th/Lincoln)

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