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Happy Monday November Project friends and family! We’re happy to have you tune in and join us for another amazing week of moving bodies, hugging bodies, and most of all, RACING BODIES. As we look into the end of the month and on into July we’ll need you all to prepare for even more fun. This fun will be shared in the three cities that November Project owns (San Fran, Madison, and Boston). Themes, optional beers, group outings, yoga, races, and more. Just get onto your personal Facialbook today, “LIKE” NP’s sister city pages, and stay tuned for more. As a connected tribe we’ll be able to get even more done in our steps to FREE FITNESS WORLD TAKEOVER. Got a friend in SF? Exactly.

Your assignment in all three NP sites between now and Wednesday morning is to RECRUIT AT LEAST ONE NEW MEMBER TO THIS WEDNESDAY’S WORKOUT. This will create a faster, fun’er, and all around more connected community of racers. When you show up with your newbie by your side please walk up and introduce them to Laura (SF), DG (MSN), and Bojan & I (BOS) before the workout begins. We’ll know who was able to complete their assignments and who’s simply showing up with excuses. Jeff Mack (MSN), Kelley McCloskey, and Eddie Fleck (BOS) are all asked to bring 2 recruits based on their good looks and undeniable charm.

Spread the word. Recruit everything.

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